What Is OneStopHousing?

OneStopHousing.org is a web-based community service that is intended to better connect providers of housing and housing services to renters who are looking for these types of housing opportunities. Our goal is to provide access to up-to-date housing information with user-friendly tools. These tools are customized for each of our user groups: renters, landlords and property managers, and housing agency staff that help people find and keep housing.

As a housing information and business center, OneStopHousing.org is a virtual location where all players in the housing industry can connect and do business. OneStopHousing.org offers a number of tools and services:

The Housing Locator: Landlords can list, and renters can search for, affordable, accessible or special needs housing.

The Housing Affordability Calculator: A guide that renters can use to determine their affordable monthly rent payment and their area median income (necessary for eligibility for some rentals).

Who sponsors OneStopHousing.org?

OneStopHousing.org is sponsored by Spokane Low Income Housing Consortium. Ensuring that our citizens have access to appropriate housing is a primary goal of Spokane Low Income Housing Consortium and OneStopHousing.org helps us achieve that goal.

What area does OneStopHousing.org serve?

OneStopHousing.org is available for all communities within Spokane County, Stevens County, Whitman County, Pend Oreille County, and Lincoln County.